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“With a wide-ranging list of case studies—iconic and eccentric, discovered, transformed and invented—this study of American tourist sites draws on the best and most lively younger scholars of the American landscape, and the result is both accessible and impeccable.  Woven through the survey are central themes that undergird our American conception of place and its significance.  From the Grand Canyon to Disneyland, the authors offer a dynamic history of places that paradoxically promise a sense of national history, but are themselves in near-constant states of change, both in their physical and their symbolic guises.”

– Peter Bacon Hales, Professor of Art History, The University of Illinois at Chicago, and author of Silver Cities, Atomic Spaces, and numerous other studies of the changing American landscape and its representation

“American Tourism offers an entertaining and enlightening tour through many of the most famous tourist destinations in the United States. In so doing, it highlights the interplay of tourists and developers, travelers and locals, technology and environment, and it highlights issues of race, class, and power. This collection examines both places wholly invented by tourism, and existing places remade by it. It also illustrates that while tourism could profoundly alter individual places, it also influenced architecture and urban spaces across the nation. Most importantly, American Tourism argues for the centrality of tourism to American society. From Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, to New Orleans’s French Quarter, St. Louis’s Gateway Arch, and California’s El Camino Real, tourism shapes how we remember our history, and has shaped American history itself.”

– Lawrence Culver, Associate Professor of History, Utah State University, and author of The Frontier of Leisure: Southern California and the Shaping of Modern America